About Antwerp Pride

Celebrating our pride in the wonderful city of Antwerp.

Antwerp is probably one of the most open and tolerant cities in the world concearning gay rights and acceptation of the gay lifestyle. Although it’s a rather small city (population 600.000) it hosts numerous gay shops, venues and events, among them the famous Red & Blue night club, cruising bar The Boots and off course the Antwerp Pride weekend. Antwerp Pride is organised by a board of volunteers. Their goal is to unite social work and business in order to present Antwerp as the city of diversity with a rich gay scene.


Antwerp Pride vzw receives a contribution from the city’s tourist department for the promotion of Antwerp as a gay friendly capital and from the department of diversity. Other (about 75{a16ec9e41c6cf53d224f6245f81394a281687e80b26e00b6f1155ee9c99f2a8b}) revenues consist of ad sales, donations and revenue from (partner)events.
About half of this amount is spent on promotional purposes. The remaining amount is used to finance the parade and closing festival.
The pride has an open accounting. The yearly results are made ​​available for perusal at the general meeting following the pride.

Board and general meeting

Antwerp Pride’s daily affairs are handled by its board, advisory partners and supporting members. At least once a year (usually around June) a general meeting is held for all stakeholders of the Antwerp gay scene to discuss last years’ financial results.


Chairman: Bart Abeel (volunteer)
Treasurer: Geert Buytaert (The Boots)
Board members:
Dennis Peeters (Active Company)
Marcia Poelman (Het Roze Huis)
Dimitri Vantomme (Bonaparte)
Wilfried Eetezonne (volunteer)
Geert Van Praet (volunteer)

Pieter Van Bocxlaer

General Meeting

All stakeholders


Chloë Lenaarts (Het Roze Huis)
Thomas Jans (Het Roze Huis)
Bart Bruyninckx (Sensoa)
Sylvia Van Craen (City of Antwerp)
Inge Marstboom (City of Antwerp)


David Janssens (Terrazza)
Sam Verdoodt (Terrazza)
Kurt Depuydt (Terrazza)
Nourdin Ben Sallam (Red&Blue)
Peter Kimpe (Velvet Café)
Tony Kimpe (Velvet Café)
Lars De Valk (Extravaganza)
Dirk Adriaensen (Volunteer)
Jan Allemeersch (Volunteer)
Dennis Peeters (Volunteer)
Cynthia Cochet (Herenhuis sauna)
Fred Brughmans (Reload)
Jo De Winter (Reload)
Vera Van Dyck (Volunteer)