LocalLoveDance by LocalSunDance & All The Lovers, on top of the MUHKA museum.

As you may or may not know : “LocalSunDance” and “All The Lovers” are Antwerp’s hottest Gay Sunday Afternoon concepts of the moment <3

LocalSunDance, on one hand, brings together hundreds of people at LocalStore to chat, drink, eat and dance all evening long to the best disco and house music. Their events take place every Second Sunday of the month during Spring and Summer.
All The Lovers, on the other hand, brings together some of the craziest people to dance to the queerest pop music you can imagine. No-nonsense, just bouncy and happy queer pop music going from Kylie’s “Slow” over J-Lo’s “Play” to Björk’s “Big Time Sensuality”. 

So, since we all love gender blending we thought: “why not some party blending?!”

That’s why both concepts decided to join hands and will be hosting a stage on top of the MUHKA museum to provide you with the best closing party for the Antwerp Pride on Sunday August 11th.

LocalSunDance will be playing from 16:00 until 22:00 on the rooftop stage.
All The Lovers will be playing from 18:00 until 00:00 at the museum stage.

PS: Because of limited capacity we have to work with pre-subscriptions. They will be held during the coming LocalSunDance & All The Lovers afternoons.

Line up hosted by both LocalSunDance and All The Lovers.

Check our Facebook event to stay updated.

Check our Facebook event to stay updated.